Rotary cultivator STERN

• Suitable for cultivation of all row crops and cereal crops and for use on any type of soil.
• Can be used any time of the year: soil cultivation before sowing, loosening the soil after sowing, prevention of delayed germination, increased soil porosity aeration of the soil, the destruction of pre-emergence soil crust.
• The implement can be equipped with a container for distributing fertilizer or to sow fine seeds.
• The machine works from 2 leaves up to the plant height of 20 cm by the continually using. It is possible to work up to plant height of 70 cm in the working between the rows.

Avantages / groupe de travail STERN / TURBO

Le cadre universel permet d’équiper le cadre de différents groupes de travail d’autres machines et de l’utiliser comme cultivateur GÉLIO inter-rang, sarcleuse rotative poupe STERN, Broyerur de residus TURBO, Raboteuse VELES-1 ou VELES-2 ou à dents de ressort TOR

Additional equipment


LINUS: Liquid fertilizer application system

TURBO: Retooling set TURBO

GINUS: Granular fertilizer application system

Informationen zu Stern (Deutsch)

Informations about Stern (English)

информация o Stern