Inter row cultivator GELIO

Parallelogram maintenance of the depth of processing on each row. Setting the depth of processing with the help of a control spindle.

High frame pass up to 800 mm and smooth adjustment of the row spacing.

Avoid adhesion of the earth due to the action of a wide support wheel with a special tire.

Loosening inside the row of cultivated plants with the help of a comb harrow (option).

It is possible to install the system for liquid or granular fertilizer application (option).

ADVANTAGES   / Inter row cultivator GELIO

The universal frame makes possible   to equip the frame with various working groups of other machines and to use it as the Inter-row cultivator GELIO, Rotary harrow weeder STERN, Shedders croop residues   TURBO, Planter VELES-1 or VELES-2 or Spring-Tooth harrow TOR.

Working groups

GELIO-P / Art.Nr. 1299512

GELIO-P / Art.Nr. 1299512

GELIO-K / Art.Nr.129956

GELIO-S / Art.Nr. 129957

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GELIO-R / Art.Nr.:129910

GELIO-U / Art. Nr. 1299513

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Row comb

Plant protecting discs, pair

Additional equipment

EXACT: Precision guidance system

LINUS: Liquid fertilizer application system

GINUS: Granular fertilizer application system

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