Precision guidance system EXACT  

• Rows of plants in front of machine are recorded by a video camera.
• The resulting image is processed by the computer to identify a high concentration of green pigment recognizing cultivated plant.
• Due to the wide-view camera and processing several rows of crops at the same time, the system is reached a optimal central fixation of cultivated crops. The resulting image is compared with the established system EXACT grid divisions, which indicating the row spacing.
• This information is used to accommodate working groups of tilled cultivator in the center between rows with a hydraulic displacement unit.

ADVANTAGES   / Precision guidance system EXACT

EXACT precision guidance system allows:
• Avoidance of row cutting even during the lateral displacements of the tractor on the trails.
• Increase the working speed of the cultivator to 18 km/h.
• Increase the processing capacity by 2-3 times.
• Processing of the crops 24 hours a day.


Adapter for cultivators with square frame

Second camera with camera mounting bracket and cable


Parking support

Adapter for cultivators with built-in 3 point linkage


Special headlight for symmetrical and uniform illumination with cable and mount for night work.